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            construction machinery

            our advantages

            construction machinery equipment
            Shanghai Oceana Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has been in the international business 11 years. Our machines and Equipments have been sold and installed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran, Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and many other areas and countries. If you want to know our machine in your local city, welcome to contact with us.
            Shanghai Oceana has devoted ourselves to the production and sale of the concrete machinery and moulds. Our major product is the concrete pipe machinery and the whole production line. We provide the one-stop service from Design, Research, Manufacture, Installation and commissioning, Factory layout, worker training and the production process and technology etc.
            construction equipment sale
            Precast Concrete machinery
            There are Major five factories belonging to Shanghai Oceana Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Vertical Vibration Casting Pipe Machine, 2. Radial Press Concrete pipe machine, 3. Roller suspension and Wet Spun pipe machine, 4. Automatic cage welding machine, 5. Spun pole &pile machine and moulds, we can satisfy our customer’s different investment requirement.
            Our Company can deal with many payment terms, T/T, L/C, West Union, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance Order and so on. We are also a hard-working, customer first, positive and sunshine team. We guarantee you a comfortable cooperation with us.
            construction machinery equipment
            construction machinery
            Shanghai Oceana Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is the 6th year GOLD Supplier and the KEY ACCOUNT supplier on ALIBABA.COM, has been passed the SGS onsite Assessment, some of our machine also got the CE certificate. And some of our factories also passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification. We will always keep running and to be your most reliable supplier.


            Concrete Pipe Machine
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