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            construction machinery


            • Radial Press Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Vertical Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Hume Concrete pipe machine
            • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
            • Centrifugal Spun pole /Pile Plant
            • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
            • Concrete Block Plant
            • PCCP Concrete Pipe Plant
            • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
            • Contruction Material
            • Hydraulic
            • Other Construction Machinery
            construction machinery equipment
            Roller Spun pipe machine

            Working Principle:  This XG series Concrete pipe machine is with simple structure, the Suspended roller passes through the pipe mould. Driving by the motor, the transmission shaft will drive the roller rotating at the regulated speed. Because of the friction force between the roller and Stop Ring at the two ends of mould, the pipe mould will be drove rotating at the same direction as the roller. 

                  By manual feeding concrete or conveying machine, the concrete mixture into the mould will be adhere to the inner wall of mould, and become solid, intensity at major function of the roller compressing force and Centrifugal force, and form the standard quality pipe.


            1.      Wide Production Range: Inner Diameter from 200-2500mm, length 1-4 meter;

            2.      Different Pipe end joint: Flat end; Male&Female end; Spigot&Socket end;

            3.        High efficiency, short production time, every pipe needs several minutes;

            4.        With hard dry casting concrete, high intensity, and better strength;

            5.        No polluted slurry discharge, environment friendly, also lower noising;

            6.        Our CO2 Arc Welding, and Plasma Cutting machine promise higher quality.

            Technical Details





            Pipe Diameter




            Pipe Length

            1-4   m

            1-4 m

            1-4 m

            Roller Diameter




            Roller Material

            45# Seamless Steel tube   with wall thickness 40-100mm

            Motor Power

            VF-15-23 KW

            VF-37-55 KW

            VF-75-132 KW

            Rotation Speed

            140-230 r/min

            100-200 r/min

            80-120 r/min

            Production time

            3-5 mins

            6-10 mins

            10-15 mins


            construction equipment sale
            construction equipment sale
            construction equipment sale
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