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            construction machinery


            • Radial Press Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Vertical Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine
            • Hume Concrete pipe machine
            • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
            • Centrifugal Spun pole /Pile Plant
            • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
            • Concrete Block Plant
            • PCCP Concrete Pipe Plant
            • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
            • Contruction Material
            • Hydraulic
            • Other Construction Machinery
            construction machinery equipment
            PCCP pipe plant

            Our company cooperates with the top manufacturer of the equipments for the PCCP production. The PCCP pre-stressed concrete Cylinder Pipe making machine is a new composite pipe for water supply. It consists of concrete pipe core, Steel cylinder, spiral pre-stressed wire winding, cement mortar spray.  Its working pressure can reach up to 2.0 MP, and with the good performance of Steel pipe and Concrete pipe.  There are two kinds PCCP pipe, PCCL (the Centrifugal spinning technology for diameter 600-1200mm), and the PCCPE (the Vertical vibration wet casting technology for diameter 1200-4000mm). Also the with double rubber ring joint and single rubber ring joint, the Standard length is 5 meter. The special size of elbow pipe, and fittings will be custom made.

            Equipment List for the PCCP production:


            Machine   Description

            1.         Rolling   machine

            Form   the spigot and socket

            2.         Edger   machine

            Form   the grooves of single or two rubber ring for the spigot

            3.         Expander   machine

            Promise   the precise size of spigot and socket ends.

            4.         Cylinder   Screw welder

            Welding   machine for Cylinder

            5.         Assemble   table machine

            Assemble   and weld the spigot, cylinder and socket end.

            6.         Cylinder   Hydraulic press

            Test   the cylinder

            7.         Centrifugal   Spun machine

            For   DN600-1200mm

            8.         Spinning   pipe mould

            Centrifugal   spun pipe moulds

            9.         Vertical   Casting mould

            For   DN1200-4000mm

            10.     Horizontal   Pre-stressed Wire Winding machine

            For   DN600-1600mm

            11.     Vertical   Pre-stressed wire winder

            DN1200-4000mmVariable   speed control , automatic

            12.     Horizontal   mortar sprayer

            For   DN600-1200mm

            13.     Vertical   Mortar Sprayer

            For   DN1400-3000mm

            14.     PCCP   pipe test machine

            15.     Boiler  



            construction equipment sale
            construction equipment sale
            construction equipment sale
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